What Middlesex East Did Next

15 Aug 17


This morning started off with a stroll to the Morska Škola “marine school” where we learned about the Mediterranean Sea and how to snorkel around the bay! Firstly, we learnt about the marine life in the bay including; sea urchins, sea cucumbers, damsel fish and hermit crabs. Then we got kitted out (after struggling to get into our wet suits) and headed into the sea.


After the first shock of cold water, we soon adapted to breathing through the snorkel and set off on a tour around the bay. Shortly after we found many of the marine animals we had heard about earlier and set them aside to study after our tour. After an hour or so of swimming around the bay in waters of up to 50m deep, we went back to the school to look at the spider crab, hermit crab and purple sea urchin in detail. The sea urchin is of pentaradial symmetry, it has five of everything like the starfish, we could see it’s five teeth munching! We were disappointed to find out that the hermit crabs that we thought were making friends, were probably fighting over the biggest shell.


We walked back to the hostel and spent some time on the beach before lunch. Afterwards, Kirsty taught us to play a game called Backpacker which we soon picked up and became a bit too competitive! We then went back to the sea and swam for a while then soaked up the sun for some time before dinner – a beef steak, rice, salad and a banana. Our dinner ended with a surprising burst of entertainment from another group staying at the hostel!

We are all currently sat in the doorway with one of “the blog cats” who is sleeping after finishing their mineral water and pâté. We’re googling best pizza places in Venice in preparation for tomorrows outing!


We’ll be back soon!

Middlesex East Croatia 2017

New Mountain Experiences.

14 Aug 17

Many first times for 23rd today, taking a cable car up to an alpine lake and summer tobogganing in the beautiful sunshine, surrounded by glacier filled mountains.


Hiking back to Kandersteg offered some breathtaking views!


Beautiful sunshine greeted everyone on their arrival, the first day was spent taking part in activities around KISC getting to know groups from around the globe, topped off with a delicious BBQ!


A lovely couple of days, and many more to come.

Two Countries for Potteries North District

9 Aug 17

After arriving on Saturday, it has been busy start to the visit for Potteries North!  The group set out to explore Baarn, which continued into Sunday with their Photo Hike up to Groenveld Castle.


Then, on Monday they took a trip to Amersfoort to try out the high ropes and swimming pool. Everyone was very tired by the end of the day but enjoyed the challenge of the course.

Tuesday was the busiest day for Potteries North as we set off for Ypres. This was a long 300 mile round trip but worth every minute!

The day began by visiting Tyne Cot Cemetery; everyone was silent as they absorbed the atmosphere and the weight of Ypres history.

Next, a visit to Sanctuary Wood Museum (Hill 62) which was very informative; the visit allowed the Scouts to walk around real trenches to fully experience what the war could have been like for soldiers, some of which would have been the same age as them(!!!).

The day continued into the centre of Ypres as they went around In Flanders Field Museum which had an interactive element to it allowing the Scouts the read about all aspects of World War I.

The day was finished with the Scouts participating in the Last Post Ceremony and laying wreaths under the Menin Gate. The service was very thought provoking and it was fascinating to see how Ypres is still so influenced by it’s history in war.


Adventures with 1st Gobowen Scouts

8 Aug 17

Starting with Flag brake and Sunday morning meet up on the playing field on the main Kandersteg campground, the 1st Gobowen Scouts immediately made new friends, visiting groups from Portugal, Spain and Israel later that day.


12 of the group took on the climbing at Winteregg the next morning after a short ride in the Sunnbiel cable car.  The weather was perfect for climbing with a nice cool temperature and clear skies.


One of the Scouts taught the group how to do figure of eight knots to use when on the walls. Everyone did really well, travelling home happy and tired.

Later that evening we all sampled foods from other Scout groups who have traveled across the world to visit KISC.


The evening ended with a big dance before everyone dispersed back to their campfires.

1st Week on the Campsite at KISC

8 Aug 17

As our first mega busy week comes to a close, we can only look back on the adventures our groups had.

The earlier part of the week boasted some extreme weather, but nothing stopped the busy programs!


White water rafting was one of everyone’s favourites, but activities included hut hikes, chocolate and cheesery tours, swimming and tobogganing!


As the week progressed it got nicer and nicer, a lovely week finished off with an almighty campfire. With about 1500 scouts attending, not all groups could perform to their audience, but a lot of fun was had by all.


A great goodbye to 150th Wadsley Scouts, Chingford ESU and Larrikin ESU.  I hope to see you all again!

You really know you’re back in England when it rains!

5 Aug 17

Wow, what an amazing week we have had. This week has been so busy we all feel like sleeping for a week!

We are currently on the bus home after a stop off at McDonalds for the girls and boys to get their long awaited chicken nuggets!

In true British style, it rained the second we pulled off of the Eurotunnel train – what a surprise! Now we are all hoping for a quiet and uneventful journey back home and to our beds.

Thank you to all at VA for helping to make this a fantastic week for us and especially to Rachel – enjoy the pressies :)

I’m sure this wont be our last trip with VA so watch this space!