Iceland’s Golden Circle

2 Jun 17


The Land of Fire and Ice is a magical combination of thundering waterfalls, gushing geysirs and rugged scenery, where activities such as hiking across glistening glaciers contrast with a soak in a steaming hot spring.

Adventurers to this land of extremes are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which of the breathtaking wonders to behold. But one thing is for certain… no nature enthusiast can tick Iceland off their bucket list without having embarked on the Golden Circle tour!

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5 of Iceland’s Natural Wonders

12 Jul 16

Located at the juncture of the North Atlantic and Arctic, Iceland is brimming with geographical wonders in their wildest forms. From erupting geysers and vast glaciers to turquoise lagoons and crashing waterfalls, there is no limit to the diversity of this magnificent country. With plenty of wonders to behold, it’s no ‘wonder’ that Iceland is on every adventure enthusiasts’ bucket list!

1. Þingvellir National Park

Iceland is one of the few places on earth where the Mid Atlantic Ridge is visible above sea level. In Þingvellir National Park, your Scouts and Guides can explore the theory of plate tectonics as they walk between the rifts in the Earth‘s crust at the boundary of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. The more adventurous can dive into the crystal clear waters of the Silfra fissure and get up close to the continental plates.


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An Icelandic adventure our girls will always remember!

12 Aug 14

On Sunday 27th July the Guides, Rangers and seven adult leaders met up at Gatwick airport in their matching pale tops ready to board a plane to Iceland! Eighteen months of fundraising over £11,000 had got us here and we were finally off.

We arrived in Iceland on Sunday afternoon and boarded a coach to the Scout centre. Upon arrival, we were then greeted by the wonderful centre staff with tea and biscuits.

The first thing that we noticed was that the shower block was a good walk down the hill from our bunk house, which at 7am in the cold Icelandic air was a challenge for some more than others. Then there was the fact that it never really got dark, just dim, and the sun rose at about 4am glaring through the windows. Then there were the midges. Hundreds of these small creatures descended each night and tried to get in your ears, in your eyes and mouth, all over your head. The camp site sold midge nets for your head at a cost of about £8, but being Guides we coped with just putting our hoods up, or making our own head gear with scarves and tights and sunglasses. By the end of the week, we had got used to all these things and it was then strange to come home to darkness and a shower that was not at the bottom of the garden! More »

A fond farewell to Iceland!

9 Mar 13

Trefoil Guild Day 6

Last night (of the 5th day) was the Trefoil Guild group’s last evening in Iceland so, after the evening meal, the 7th floor Conference Room in Hotel Cabin was used from 21.00 – 22.00 for a gathering of the ladies to have a little social time and some singing. At the start of the meeting a poem was read out by Angela O (who composed it too); she had chronicled the tour in verse; it was funny, whimsical, emotional and poignant, a wonderful summation of a quite wonderful tour; many thanks (and I hope it will be typed up and circulated to all). More »

“Exhausted? I’ll say. Exhilarated, absolutely!”

8 Mar 13

Trefoil Guild Day 5

Well, Day 5 began with some most interesting breakfast conversation. No, not about the wondrous sights seen, the sights yet to come or the many fantastic experiences so far covered, oh no. This topic was much more important and closer to home – all about the delicious merits of thermal underwear! This was indeed confirmation of the demographic with whom I was travelling! “Oh yes, always best to wash them before first use” was an earlier heard comment on this topic too! I am, of course, taking notes for future reference!

After a fine and hearty breakfast (with a very fine bread selection indeed), and after discussion with Jon Ragnar and myself about our itinerary options today, it was decided to take the West Coast route as planned on the schedule. We had hoped to maybe try to include a visit to Thingvellir National park (which had not been possible on Day 3) but on checking the road conditions on the web, the roads were coloured purple and white, the former indicating that snow ploughs were in action and the latter indicating that the snow covered roads had yet to be cleared. Thus, anticipating tricky driving as well as impossible walking conditions in Thingvellir NP (amongst the fissures), JR and myself were happy to go west. More »

Day 4 and we say goodbye to Eldhestar!

7 Mar 13

Trefoil Guild Day 4a

It was sad to leave Eldhestar Hotel as it had been a wonderful stay (even if we had lingered longer indoors in it than we had planned yesterday!). But the weather was positively balmy by comparison to yesterday and the planned itinerary was hopefully to be completed. More »