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Kate Knutton

“Bubbly, friendly and blonde is how I like to think my friends would describe me! I have always been involved in Scouting and Guiding, in my adult years as a Guide leader, Brown Owl, Scout Leader, and helping out with Beavers and Explorers. I took 20 of my Scouts and explorers to Belgium in summer 2012 and look forward to getting back out there and helping other groups have an amazing time.

An interesting fact about me: I love Disney a little bit too much and when I took my Scouts to Disneyland Paris I got engaged to Woody from Toy Story.”

High adventure! Learning skills and facing fears

21 Aug 17

first thing I met Aquila explorers and we travelled to Interlaken on the train where we met the instructors and their next mode of transport.




After a few instructions and meeting their instructors it was time to hit the rapids…..





although a few (including leaders) were unsure to begin with no one can deny those smiles



















The day did not end there after a quick lunch and a potter around Interlaken it was time to head up high to the high ropes course in the forest.






























Well done Aquila for facing fears and trying something new!



I caught up with Leyland scouts who after a chilled day yesterday taking part in some backwoods skills ( I have proof they  had had an amazing day at Lake Oechinensee I look forward to spending the day with them tomorrow and hearing all about it!




And last but but not least it was time to visit Kanderstegs international evening




And now……. To bed!






And the adventure begins…

20 Aug 17

Yesterday, I waved good bye to North Leeds Scouts after a fantastic week exploring the stunning Kandersteg.

Until next time!



However, it’s not over yet as I welcomed Aquila explorers and Leyland scouts; both groups started their adventure with a Sunday flag break and morning meet up games.

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Keeping it local North Leeds Scouts

17 Aug 17

Yesterday, North Leeds Scouts kept it local by staying in Kandersteg and taking advantage of the stunning Lake Oechinensee.


Their first stop was a cable car where even Justin Beaver (the camp mascot) enjoyed the views!



Next was the unmissable summer sledding, even the leaders couldn’t resist!














Finally, the stunning views of Lake Oeschinensee where quite a few paddled in the stunning cool waters.
























All topped off with a BBQ at camp…perfect


Trees, Mountains, Lakes and Monsters… Exploring with North Leeds scouts

16 Aug 17

North Leeds Scouts have been admiring the views…

First with a trip to Interlaken for an amazing high ropes course built within the forest.



















Then, it was time for a nosey around Interlaken with it’s traditional Swiss shops, cuckoo clocks and tasty ice-cream!


















It turns out the trees weren’t high enough, so on Tuesday North Leeds scouts headed up the Niesen on the almost vertical train up the pyramid shaped mountain.











It was worth the view! With a stunning view of the Lakes in Thun and Interlaken as well as snow topped mountains!!































Finally, the day finished with a boat trip on the beautiful Lake we saw from the view…


















(We even found the Lake Thun Monster!)


















I think they all deserved the rest and gentle walk back to camp.


















I wonder what the next adventure will be…







Until next time Kandersteg…

12 Aug 17

Both Lauderdale Scouts and South Bradford Explorers took to the water for their last day in beautiful Switzerland with rafting, and what a fantastic finish to the week!

















And then, finally at the end of the day the most perfect way to top off the week at the international campfire where we all learnt a new song about Jellyfish!












This morning, I joined Lauderdale Scouts for their closing ceremony which they chose to do at the campfire circle. First, they collected some ashes from the campfire so that they could take a little bit of Kandersteg to their Scouts back home, what a brilliant way to share your adventure!














In total, the Scouts covered all 4 of the KISC badges and an added a bonus badge for staying in the mountain hut. Well done Lauderdale scouts! When talking to the Scouts today they all agreed their favourite activity had been white water rafting, closely following by the high ropes course at Interlaken.











It’s now time to say Goodbye to Bradford Explorers and Lauderdale scouts until next time, safe journey!


Swimming in the rain…must be the Scottish scouts!

10 Aug 17

Not only did Lauderdale take advantage of the outdoor diving boards and swimming in the centre of Bern (in the rain!)











But they also explored the capital seeing landmarks, the market and playing in the centre’s fountains.











Yesterday however, the group stayed close to the centre and visited the beautiful Lake Oeschinensee and summer sledding!











Can’t complain with those views!